2014 Heir & Heiress Model Search!!!

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Greetings and Happy Wednesday!!!!

If you’ve been watching our 2014 Model Search, things are getting pretty heated in the YRC modeling world! To date, we have over 150 entries and well over 5,000 votes. This has been an amazing contest so far, the response has been pleasantly overwhelming and exciting. We would like to thank each and every parent, aunt, uncle, cousin, best friend and fan for submitting all of the gorgeous photos.  I wanted to take the time to go in detail in regards to the prizes, contest rules, and selection process. 10 winners will be chosen and posted on Christmas Day. Photo submissions are accepted until December 20th. Photos are usually posted within 24 hours of being submitted, we are trying our best to post as soon as possible for optimal voting but occasionally it can take up to 48 hours (we are also an online and brick and mortar store) so we’re juggling multiple entities!  Please make sure you share your voting experience by reposting on your own social media outlets and inviting people to vote for your contestant, instagram, facebook, twitter, etc. We are now accepting videos as an extension to the contest, it is not required but adds pizzazz to your entry and votes from videos count to your total overall votes.  The video can be your child modeling, i.e. walking a runway or something along those lines.  Don’t forget to use the hash tag #yrcmodelsearch and #youngroyalcouture. Now, let’s talk about the selection process. Selections are based from overall total votes on social media sites, a panel of 3 judges (excluding the owner) and the need in a specific size category. So for example, 5 girls will be selected in varied sizes and the same with boys. We originally were selecting 4 children in total but due to the response we decided to select 10 and this isn’t easy lol. If you view the contestants they are all amazingly beautiful and handsome, they are ALL winners!!!


If your child is the contest, the contact form on this page MUST BE FILLED OUT!!!!! THERE IS  NO EXCEPTION!!! We must have all of the contestants contact information before December 20th!!!

Thanks again and have an awesome day!!!!

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What’s your favorite baby gadget????

Greetings and Salutations!!!!

This is my first official posting on my new blog! I’m so excited! First, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Erica Jay, I am the owner of Young Royal Couture located in boutique (1750 North Avenue). I am the proud mother to the only living gremlin in the world–joking, her name is Kelly and she’s 3, but occasionally she acts like a real live 80’s trench coat wearing, loud talking, temper tantrum having gremlin lol. I’m a former CPS teacher as well. I want you guys to feel free to leave your true thoughts and feelings about whatever the topic is, I love opinionated  individuals. Let’s go!!!

My first thoughts as I began to skim my mind for ideas of things to talk about, I ventured off into space. I remembered when I was a new mom dealing with the struggle of sleep deprivation from having a premature baby that suffered from severe acid reflux. Children with acid reflex can’t sleep flat on their backs after eating/drinking. On top of that, she was used to the Kangaroo care I provided each day for hours on end while she was in NICU. For those of you not familiar with Kangaroo care it’s skin to skin contact between the baby’s front and the mothers chest, this is to provide emotional, psychological and physical well being/support without separating mother and child. In short, holding her all day long lol!!!!! Needless to say when she finally came home, she expected the same treatment! Omg……just imagine this……..breastfeeding, holding upright for 30 minutes, crying when placed down on any surface other than my skin—–this took place for months. I think I turned into a crazy person! Showers were my only moments away from my little gremlin. This caused for lots of stress and anxiety, wishing and needing time to my self. But who was I to complain??? Born at 27 weeks, Kelly was a survivor and deserved every once of attention.

One day, while cleaning her room and rumbling through baby shower gifts, I stumbled upon a Bjorn Baby carrier. I thought to myself, wellllll your suppose to use this when your out in public BUT I think I’m going to use this as mechanism to ween Kelly off so much skin to skin contact. It worked!!! After weeks of training her in the Bjorn then placing her a swing, she gradually begin to need less and less skin contact. Waaallaaaa like magic, freedom was mine!!!! I will forever be grateful for that carrier!!! I recently noticed that it comes in a lot of trendy and stylish colors. If your expecting a newbie please add this your registry ASAP. You might not use it for what I did, but I’m sure on your travels as a new mom, it will almost for sure come in handy!!!

Starting at $79.99

Available at http://www.giggle.com and http://www.target.comBaby_Bjorn_Original_Spirit_-_all_colours1