The Reality of Motherhood: Help ME!!!!!



Written by: Erica Jay of Young Royal Couture


Motherhood is not all roses and birds signing! I thought I was ready. I waited until I was in my early thirties to have a child. I thought I dotted my I’s and crossed all of my t’s so to speak.  I read countless pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding books. I attended prenatal classes, and I had loads of experience with babies and children, I mean sheesh I was an early childhood teacher, one baby would be easy, right?  Right! I was hopelessly unprepared. As I’ve shared with you previously, my daughter was born prematurely. Nothing I had read described the helplessness I felt when my baby wouldn’t stop crying or wouldn’t sleep. Or how desperately sleep deprived I was. Nobody told me how guilty I would sometimes feel (often about things out of my control), or how fragile my emotions would become. I, like most expectant mothers, was prepared for labor and delivery, and even for breastfeeding, but not for life postpartum.

One reason is that nobody talks about the reality of motherhood, which often doesn’t match the naïve ideal many of us have. Consequently, as expectant mothers, we often underestimate just how much our lives will change when our babies are born. We may believe our babies will sleep peacefully for hours while we work or complete projects. Then our babies are born, and that “perfect” picture of a quiet, peaceful, sleeping infant is quickly shattered by a very real, screaming, hungry baby lol. The reality of the constant care and attention needed by an infant is something many parents are unprepared for. It can sometimes strain even the best relationship. Some mothers find they are so consumed with caring for their babies that they neglect their spouses. Others resent their spouses’ apparent freedom, because life for them doesn’t appear to be changed. This can be an unhealthy continuous cycle, but it can be broken.

Psychotherapist and Life Coach, Alisha Bradley helps individuals and families heal and transform their lives. Using a holistic approach, she takes into consideration the mind, body, spirit, and how these elements respond to the external environment. She works with you to improve harmony among these components in order to increase positive and healthy daily functioning. She also works to assist you in identifying your fears, negative beliefs, and how those have caused dysfunctional patterns in your current life as a new mom. Motherhood is stressful and can completely overwhelm you. I totally understand this first hand. Beginning March 19th at 10am, Young Royal Couture and Alisha Bradley are creating a dynamic support group for moms entitled Moms Supporting Moms. This group will meet every Wednesday for a support in regards to your well-being and feelings. You can discuss anything that comes across your mind in a private supportive setting. We hope to see you there!!! RSVP here


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