Make Valentine’s Day special for your kids

Written by Erica Jay of Young Royal Couture Children’s Clothing Boutique

Show Your Kids How Much You Love Them!

This Valentine’s Day, show your children how much they mean to you with more than just a hug, kiss and a ton of candy (actually candy will make them feel loved)! Here’s a few family oriented activities and ideas that are sure to make your children feel loved on Valentine’s Day!



A Little Breakfast Love


If you want to serve something heartier than just toast, pair bread with an egg for this recipe for heart-shaped eggs in a basket from Juneberry Lane. Make sure to have a heart-shaped cookie cutter on hand and the rest is really easy!



A Pink Drink


Swap the kiddo’s morning juice for a glass of my all-natural strawberry milk posted
on One Hungry Mama. This pink milk is made by mixing milk with an easy
to whip up strawberry simple syrup. You can make just the syrup or the
whole thing ahead of time. Just add a cute straw. 



I Love You Book

This Valentine’s Day I Love You book can be made ahead of time as a gift for your child or on Valentine’s Day as an activity with your child.


  • 1 piece of card stock paper (8 x 11 inches)
  • 6 pieces of blank paper (8 x 11 inches)
  • Stapler
  • Markers
  • Stickers
  • Photographs
  • Photo tape


  1. Fold the card stock paper in half, then crease the fold.
  2. Fold each individual piece of blank paper in half, then crease the fold.
  3. Open all the folded pieces of paper and stack them on top of each other, with the card stock on the bottom and the creases lining up and folded in the same direction.
  4. Carefully re-fold the papers to create a book, staple the binding 3 to 4 times, 1/4 inch away from the folded edge.
  5. Decorate the cover and pages with drawings, notes, pictures and stickers.



Lunch Box Surprises

What lunch box treats can travel with your child to school on Valentine’s Day? Think heart-shaped PB&J, berry yogurt, strawberries, chocolate kisses or a heart-shaped note. As mortified as your teenage son might be — or claim to be to save face with his peers — your feelings for your sometimes challenging adolescent will be clear with a Valentine’s-themed lunch.

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