Too Cold to Play Outside? 5 Fun Indoor Activities for Kids


Written By: Erica Jay of Young Royal Couture Children’s Boutique

Baby, it’s cold outside!!!…..Ideas to keep your kids entertained this week during the cold weather!

I have a very energetic kid that needs to be kept busy at all times! During the summer and fall months we’re always out taking walks, enjoying patio dining or hanging out at the zoo, but of course all of that comes to a halt when the extreme cold temperatures hit. In Chicago, we’re experiencing the coldest winter since 1967. We’re also approaching another set of below -10C days. Ooh baby, its cold outside! We do enjoy a bit of sledding and goofing around in the snow, but when it’s really cold out like today, there’s no way we’re doing anything outside! Besides the usual activities of watching movies, baking cookies and driving me crazy lol, it can be quite a challenge to keep your kids entertained on days like this. So here’s my list of fun things to do when old man winter is winning the weather battle!

1. Instead of regular hot chocolate try this special recipe from Hersheys!!! It has several variations, it’s like a party in your mouth!!

2. Throw boiling water outside. Yup, sounds crazy right? We first tried this the first below zero day a few weeks back. We opened the door and heaved water into the air. And it was pretty awesome. First, we did room temperature water. That was pretty unremarkable. It stayed liquid and plopped into the snow. Then we threw boiling water into the -30 degree air. That was awesome. It turned to snow, you have to try this! It makes for an awesome video you can tweet and post on Facebook if your into social media!

Here’s a few videos from people who were fun enough to try it!

3. Build a Fort. Build the indoor clubhouse of your child’s dreams using a range of everyday items from couch cushions to blankets and cardboard boxes. Help choose a safe location, away any radiators or large groups of electrical wires. Let them take the lead on construction, but offer assistance if they need help keeping blankets taunt between two points or they want to move a chair that’s too large. When they finish construction, enjoy a snack together inside the fort or tell stories. This can also double as play date with a neighbor!

4. Have a Youtube dance party. If you know Kelly and I, then you already know this is our favorite!!! We select our favorite song at the time (the instrumental version) and stand in the mirror and dance until our legs hurt. This is really fun, we use props and dress up too. Kelly’s favorite song is Royal by Lorde, she dresses up like a princess and uses her wand for a mic. This activity is priceless and full of laughs if you like to dance, not to mention after an hour or two of this, a nap isn’t far behind!!!

5. Bathtub Fishing. Here’s what you need to do this activity: fishing pole and/or a net (you can make a fishing pole with string, a magnet and a plastic pole or anything similar), magnetic letters/numbers
food coloring or color changing bath tablets (optional).


1. Fill your bathtub with water. Add a couple of drops of blue food coloring (or the colored bath tablets if you have them) if you want your water to resemble ocean water.

2. Toss in you magnetic numbers/letters and any other bath toys you think they’d like to catch.

3. You’re all ready to start fishing! You will likely have to demonstrate a few times how to release the line and then reel it back in, but they’ll get the hang of it in no time.

4. If you have a toddler, after he/she catches a letter, you can practice letter sounds to create and educational twist to it!!! Make sure to dress your child appropriately during this activity, because they’re clothes will be soaking wet, have fun!!!

Or you can mimic the pictures in my collage…..just beware a few of them may be a tad bit questionable in the safety department!!!


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